S’Ortali e su Monti

Inside the S’Ortali e su Monti archaeological park you can admire different types of constructions dating back to prehistoric times including: a nuraghe, characterized by an approximately elliptical plan built with blocks of granite, currently 5 and a half meters high, but probably part of a much larger complex; a Domus de jJnas, that is a real excavation inside the rock, bound for funerary use; 2 menhirs, probably belonging to a larger circle, the symbol of the cult of the dead; and a Tomb of the Giants, the typical Nuragic burial.

If you are interested in visiting the archaeological site of S’Ortali and su Monti, you can take a look at the following link: www.sardegnaturismo.it

The following link is only a suggestion, the reference page belongs to another company as it has no direct connection with our campsite.